ArtBeat New Zealand

National Child Art Competition & Exhibitions

Its vision is to promote visual culture, understanding of issues among children and youth from their own perspective and present children’s view as a point of discourse to the community. It celebrates children and youth as artists.

ArtBeat offers children an open space to freely express themselves, be more critical about life experiences and connect with family, friends and community.

New Zealand Citizen, permanent residents and children and young people living in NZ only can submit their artworks and participate.



Diversity / Inclusion

Diversity is composed of differing elements or qualities, which makes us unique. Just see how many colors, kinds of birds and animals, toys and buildings and languages we have around us. Understanding and celebrating diversity promotes coexistence, inclusion and social cohesion, ensuring people feel welcome through our behaviours and social norms.

We invite you to explore diversity and inclusion in your own unique ways through the following topics, and express through artworks;

Cultural | Natural | Colors | Languages | Gender | Religion | Ethnic

Young artists are encouraged to think and paint unconventional ideas, using colors which are unusual and unique.


Julia Morison
Michel Tuffery
R.M. Naeem
Joanne Webber
Kathy Ready
Khalid Albaih
read complete jury profiles here


Deadline: 28 November

Voting: 12 December

Results: 19 December

Age Groups

A: 4-9 Years

B: 10-14 Years

C: 15-18 Years


  • Draw on any above-given theme and submit.
  • Choose any medium that you like: color pencils, markers, acrylics, oil paints, water colors, poster colors, pastels, crayons, pointers, sketch pencils.
  • Allowed age group: 4-18
  • Single artist can submit maximum 3 artworks.
  • Work must be original and your own (Google/Plagiarism = Disqualification).
  • Each artwork must be signed by the name of the artist.
  • Fresh and current work is preferred.
  • The decision of The Little Art team will be final and shall not be challenged.
  • Upon given permission, the submissions will be published regularly on our social media channels with 24 hours.
  • Fake/Bot likes will result in disqualification of the work.
  • There will be three age group categories and your submission will be posted in the relevant age group category album on our social media. We will email you all the details and further information upon submission.
  • No hate speech will be accepted.

How to Participate: Step-by-step instructions

  • Make your artwork
  • Take a very good high-quality photo of your artwork
  • Fill the online form below and submit your artwork
  • You will receive a confirmation email with all details.
  • If you allowed and your work is published on our Facebook page, promote it among your friends.



The jury will curate an exhibition online on Google Cultural Institute and our website, with the credits and complete information of artists for future.

There will be three types of awards for the participants

Selection of Artworks for Exhibition on Google Cultural Institute: 50 Artworks will be selected for the exhibition showcase by the Jury.

Jury’s Choice Award: 3 prizes in each age group
Total number of winners=9

Note: Jury will decide winners upon their creativity, originality and imagination. Jury’s decision will be final.

Public Choice Award: 3 prizes in each age group
Total number of winners=9


Benefits for Participants:

  • E-Certificate of participation
  • Publishing each submitted artwork on social media platforms to showcase and exposure (if not opted-out)

Benefits for Winners:

  • E-Certificate for the winners
  • Exhibition of the selected artwork on The Little Art website and Google Cultural Institute

You will receive a detailed email containing the next steps upon successful submission. For queries/questions please write to (Click Here To Email) with the title “Digital Artbeat Competition”

  • Applicant/Artist Details

  • Please write complete name of Artist/Applicant for publication
  • Double check your email id. We will send confirmation on this email id
  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • Artwork Submission

  • Scan/Take a picture, Upload your artwork
    Allowed formats: jpg, jpeg, png
    Max file size: 10MB
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
    By default, ArtBeat will publish your artwork on Facebook, and if selected for Exhibition by Jury, it will be published on Google Cultural Institute and ArtBeat website. Please select above if you want to change that and opt-out from social media publishing.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.